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              Our company was founded in 2003,the registered trademark"Power of Beauty" is a professional development, production, sales of high frequency machine, high frequency plastic welding machine equipment for the modernization of private enterprises;company is located in industrial , transport facilities of the Yangtze River Delta - Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province.
              The company has been committed to providing customers with the spirit of the most valuable hot plastic welding and high frequency (HF) application solutions, quality products and superior service to improve the customer market competitiveness and create customer value. We have been "customer service and achieve win-win" as the goal. Through the tireless efforts have provided high frequency (HF) technology and services for many companies, especially with Wuxi Sony, Kingston ......

        Contact person: Mr. Zhu
        Mobile: 13812296666
        Fax: 0510-83778287
        Address: #35 FURONG Industrial Estate BASHITown ,
                      WUXI;JIANGSU Province

        Wuxi gold electronic equipment Co., Ltd. - Wuxi epoxy floor paint epoxy floor Wuxi Wuxifloor paint 
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        su ICP bei 14058244
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